Talking about the storyline of the Fallout game series

Fallout 4 game has launched and has been breaking the worldwide game industry. If you are still a little surprised by the overwhelming fallout world, you should read the article below.

Fallout events take place around the time after World War II. Technologies in this universe are heavily influenced by the collection of fantasy stories “The World of Tomorrow”.

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This explains the making and appearance of the game as a cleaning robot. In other words, the Fallout universe is the image of the future through the eyes of people living at the beginning of the Atomic Age.

The US government ordered Vault-Tec to build large tunnels. Their purpose is to secure shelter and protect people from nuclear war until the ground is safe enough to live on.

But they have a different purpose. The real purpose is that you will probably find the answer right in the latest version – Fallout 4.

Of the 122 known vaults, only 17 were created for the experiment. Each residence tunnel has a different design and population. Each tunnel is run by a person with the highest power. That is called the Overseer, and each tunnel has a different experimental condition.

After the war, the magnificent Washington capital became a ruined wasteland. It is known as Capital Wasteland. In this place, the surviving people gathered together to form towns like Megaton.

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The ground became the residence of those who tried to find food and plunder to live from anyone. Even the land is filled with strange creatures that appear to be the result of radiation and experiments – Ghoul and Supermutan.

In Fallout 4, the Boston scene has many similarities reminiscent of Capital Wasteland. The big guy in the picture is a Behemoth Supermutant. And as you can see, he has a big fire hydrant in his hand.

Wasteland’s Supermutants are different, they originated from a basement, in which scientists tested them with FEV virus. These guys are very aggressive and attack everything they see. While the names on the West Coast may be more friendly.