CF Mobile (or CrossFire Legends) is a super-first-person shooter (FPS – First Person Shooter) that is very popular on Android and iOS phones.

However, you can fully experience CrossFire Legends on your computer via this Bluestacks emulator with this super HOT Mobile Raid game.

Thanks to distilling the most quintessential features of CrossFire (Raid), released through the hands of big VNG, CrossFire Legends is the best product to experience for FPS game believers. With beautiful 3D graphics, recreating extremely dramatic dramatic scenes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CrossFire Legends

CF Mobile brings familiar maps such as Desert Storm, Broadcast Station, Cargo Ship … and a series of new game modes in all 4 game systems including: PvP (Team Battle, NPC Match, Set Bomb, Mortality), Casual (Zombies, Rocket battles, Bombs, Big head fights, Hiding), Plot (Easy-to-difficult campaigns), PvE (Tower Defend, Zombie Replica, Boss world). There are full play modes from 1vs1, 5vs5 to 20 people to create dramatic firefighting scenes.

More interestingly, the new CF Mobile updated the survival mode to harmonize the current trend. With a vast battlefield, CrossFire Legends supports up to 120 people, allowing players to run freely, collect supplies, pick up weapons and equipment necessary for the fierce survival battle to become the last survivor.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CrossFire Legends

Unique features in Crossfire Legends shooting game:

– Rich character system, allowing you to transform into SWAT, FA, OMOH, Crazy Baby, Hulk Zombie, AOI, Blade or FOX girl.

– Extremely rich and diverse weapons system. Full range from iron hammer, miner to guns.

– Bring essential items, support battle like Zombie room shirt, bulletproof vest, bulletproof hat…

– Relive in familiar maps such as Death crossroads, Desert storms, Broadcasting stations, Cargo ships, Military bases …

– Diverse game modes for players to choose, experience never boring.

– participate in professional FPS tournaments.

With a range of attractive features, and vivid 3D graphics, recreating every movement, the scene in the game is like real life.