Mansion – Memory game is lost for the very good PC

Mansion is a story about a man who has been in a coma for a long time and obsessed with stories of un recallable memories.

If you are familiar with American horror movies, you will not be familiar with situations where the protagonist is unconscious for a while and obsessed by past memories. Nothing can hurt or hurt someone more than repeating things that have been buried in the heart negatively. It was probably the most brutal way to kill without a weapon that could have the same destructive power.

Mansion is a game built on such a principle. A robust and healthy young man suddenly became comatose continuously for many months after a terrible illness. This seemingly ‘mild’ disease made him a skinny, weak and unable to wake up person. He had to lie in bed for a long time, his eyes couldn’t open and the only thing he recognized that these are memories from the past.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mansion game

And unexpectedly, he is being hunted by another very evil stranger, named Slender Man. With his strength, he has the ability to follow him into his dreams and make him suffer from the pain of his childhood. Will he have the strength and the courage to face the past and escape the coma or will his own weakness be exploited and killed by the enemy?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mansion game

In this extremely interesting game, players will play the character of the unfortunate man and be hunted by Slender Man. Basically, in Mansion there is not too much investment in context, graphics or brain-riddling puzzles to challenge gamers. However, this game still received a very enthusiastic reception from the players, with nearly 2500 good reviews after only a few weeks of launch. Because, Mansion makes players face the biggest fear in life and that is also the biggest challenge that not everyone can do. Lost in the Mansion and helping the man find the grim memories in mysterious rooms, you will surely have a very interesting experience.

Mansion is a free game. However, one thing to note is that your device must meet system requirements in order to work.