We Happy Few game is now Arthur’s journey back to where he started

In the previous We Happy Few game storyline, Ollie gave Arthur something monstrous for him to trick the gatekeepers on the bridge. Arthur immediately took that strange object to the bridge’s protection room. Now everything is only thanks to his tongue to make them believe he must be through the door in the game.

Welcoming him was a guy bobby, slang name people called the Wellington Wells security police. This guy used the pretext that the door was broken and told Arthur to come back after the door was finished.

Arthur immediately questioned how long this door was broken and whether anyone was really in the game. Because this is the door separating the first residential area bordering the Garden Distric area.

The bobby is not afraid to say frankly that the locals do not like Wastrel coming back because they are mostly immune to Joy. So there is no solution at all. So the best door is just broken, because everyone wants it to be like that.

Arthur immediately gave his erection, he gave the other odd device. And he said that he was a central technician sent down to learn how to repair the bridge. The bobby won, then panicked, pointed the door for maintenance technology to lead inside and begged Arthur in the game.

Arthur passed through the trapdoor. And now he has to undergo a number of psychological tests to confirm that he is a person with minimal alertness and intelligence. Next up is an extremely dangerous device, a Downer detector. This machine will destroy anyone who walks over it without the concentration of Joy in the body, ie Downer or Wastrel steps through will be killed by it.

Arthur had to drink Joy again to get through this door. But he tried to keep the concentration of the drug so that it did not make him fall into a state of dementia as before.

Entering Hamlyn village, Arthur has taken a step into his new plan. Now he needs to find a way to repair the broken bridge between this place and Parade and need a passport to cross Britannia Bridge.