Review Game Immortals Fenyx Rising

The Vault is scattered across the map and is also where Typhoon holds their gods or relics. But that doesn’t mean you just need to break in, kill all the guards and take the reward home.

You also have to read star maps, stoned competitions, flames, water spray, and switches. Generally speaking, it is necessary to manipulate the puzzle brain to complete the given challenges.

The Vault is also divided in difficulty from 1 to 3 stars, if not complete, it doesn’t matter. There is also no punishment given to the player except frustration and frustration, struggling at night. That is fast and boring, so Immortals Fenyx Rising also includes two mechanisms to help you get excited about playing tank and dodge games.

As for attacks that are predictable, blocking seems to be the most effective. In addition to blocking damage from enemies, you can also counteract them to damage and slow the enemy’s energy bar quickly.

The mounts in the game are mostly horses and deer, but with luck you can catch a unicorn or a horse with wings. Different mounts have different uses. Silver deer, for example, will have a longer stamina bar or a lightning horse will run faster.

Golden Isle is divided into many different regions, where you will explore and fight against the Tartarus forces. In the Forgelands, for example, you must restart Hephaestus’s forge to help the gods.

Forgelands stand out for their blend of meadows and rocky volcanic areas. You can move around with the summoned horse, climb to the high altitudes and jump downwards. In addition, you can also use Daedalus’s wings to glide in the air, as long as your stamina is not depleted.

The stamina tree didn’t matter too much since the mountains were so convenient now that there were many resting walls. And you just need to climb over there and wait a bit for your fitness to heal.

Even the thing that intrigued me was Vault, repeating repeating raising one rock, flying to the other stairs. And after fighting Medusa and rescuing Athena, I have no interest in exploring or solving puzzles.