Mad Skills Motocross – an adventure motorcycle racing game

Mad Skills Motocross is an adventure motorcycle racing game with thrilling, dangerous tracks and countless spectacular falls. The challenges that Mad Skills Motocross brings can make you crazy, angry because it seems like it challenges all limits and cannot overcome.

The game is interesting, engaging and especially appealing to adventure and speed sports enthusiasts. You can simply start the game, and control it as much as possible, as long as you defeat the other opponents and finish first, perform the rotation, acrobatics, land correctly, Do not fall, accelerate, hit the gas, use the Nitro function and you will leave the opponent in the wind and dust in the back.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mad Skills Motocross"

The main feature of the adventure game Mad Skills Motocross:

– Make the most of the advantages of the attached devices.

– Support increased power up to 5 times.

– The race takes place at 5 different locations.

– All include 52 challenges.

– Very easy to learn, but difficult to control.

– Falling occurs like meals

– A car crash occurs like a meal in the Mad Skills Motocross racing game

Your task in this game is to ride on a motorbike, go as fast as possible, use all possible skills to reach the finish line before the opponent. One point to emphasize is that the track in Mad Skills Motocross is very smooth, but it is just a surface overlay, and the road is winding like waves, sometimes racing you feel like you are riding on the waves. Beautiful, impressive, easy to play but not easy to master, how to overcome the ramps in the game, only one way is with your car to jump as high as possible.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mad Skills Motocross"

Focus on the gas to the throttle strong enough, the right time to create spectacular tumbling, crossing the slopes seemed to have to give up and landed perfectly to score. Each time you pass a challenge, you will collect a certain number of stars (stars), when reaching the level of 30 stars, you will reach the highest level (Mad Skills). The game works well on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

In short, though not as shiny and brilliant as modern racing games, but Mad Skills Motocross gives players an impressive racing experience that is not inferior. Download Mad Skills Motocross, hold your wheel firmly and become the best racer.