Metro Exodus Game has attracted players

It has been nearly a year since the Metro Exodus game launched on Epic Games Store. It was also a time when gamers on the Steam side had to wait for the day to play this shooter.

Exodus will officially run out of exclusive time on the Epic Games Store. It means the game will be available on Steam. They want to attract the attention of the pro-Steam gaming community.

Trước nguy cơ bị tẩy chay, nhà phát hành Metro Exodus cho biết PC ...

The developer of 4A Games has also launched Metro Exodus’ second extended DLC to bring gamers to the other side of the world. That is the United States. This is a place devastated by a nuclear bomb no less than Russia.

Another game set in the United States after the end of the world. We have classic titles on this topic like The Last of Us that take us across most of the United States of America.

The Metro series is famous for the context of the former Soviet Union ravaged by nuclear bombs. People now must live in the dark tunnels of Moscow.

But that’s also on the ground. They explore the whole of post-apocalyptic Russia. And in the new DLC called Sam’s Story, players will surpass the boundaries of Russia.

Metro Exodus- Di dân thời hậu tận thế

Following the main character Artyom to explore the entire post-apocalyptic Russia and finally discover a place where humans can still live. In this second DLC, gamers will follow another supporting character named Sam, with the goal of returning to the United States.

It seems the journey will be full of dangers. And new areas for gamers to explore. That’s such as the ruined harbor and industrial buildings and crumbling residential areas. Although the price is quite high, players should play DLC Sam’s Story because this DLC is highly appreciated by game critics.